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Global Refugee Work Rights Report 2014: Taking the Movement from Theory to Practice

In September 2014, the Refugee Work Rights Coalition and Asylum Access released the publication, “Global Refugee Work Rights Report 2014: Taking the Movement from Theory to Practice.”Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 5.10.01 PM

The report examines the laws, policies and practices for refugee work rights in 15 countries around the globe (affecting a total of 30% of the world’s refugee population). Our findings reveal that almost half of the 15 countries examined in the report have a complete legal bar to refugee employment, and in the countries where some legal right to work exists, significant de-facto barriers to employment, like strict encampment, exorbitant permit fees or widespread discrimination, undermine refugees’ ability to access lawful employment.

The publication also calls upon stakeholders – governments, UN agencies, civil society, refugee and local communities – to take concrete steps to bring national employment laws and policies around the world into line with international human rights and refugee law standards. In doing so, the report (i) provides a breakdown of the right to work under international law, which may be used by advocates to inform policy makers of their legal commitments; (ii) an explanation of the economic arguments in favor of granting refugees’ work rights, which may be used to supplement legal arguments; and (iii) concrete recommendations for achieving legal reform, and administrative and judicial support for work rights domestically.

Refugee Work Rights PowerPoint Presentation

In September 2013, the policy department at Asylum Access presented  at the 11th Refugee Council USA General Council meeting on the importance of livelihood and self-reliance initiatives.

Link to PowerPoint Presentation:

Refugee Work Rights Powerpoint Presentation. September 2013

Power Point Screen Shot








II. Sign-On Letter to UNHCR: Appeal for Increased Funding for Livelihood Programming

In a letter addressed to UNHCR High Commissioner Antionio Gueterres,  Asylum Access and 28 other NGOs and corporations from around the globe, as well as a number of individual practitioners, scholars and refugees, requested that UNHCR devote sufficient funding to implement self-reliance and livelihood objectives.

Link to full letter:

1. Letter to UNHCR. Appeal to Increase Livelihood Funding. 30 September 2013

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 9.59.56 AM

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